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assortment of colored markers

Interactive Display:
What is one piece of advice you'd give yourself last semester?


This is an interactive display.

With a white paper wall installed, students are encouraged to use markers to answer the prompt.


Did you know the library can check-out books they don't have in the system?

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"If you can't love yourself, how are you gonna love somebody else?" -RuPaul

An Ode to Self Care. Stressaxation is defined as the act of stressing-out, while attempting to relax.

For more information on relaxation tips, visit this link.

Stress management is a key factor in mental health.

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Routine activities on a daily basis benefit one's mental health, studies show.

Visit this link to find out more about routines.

 There are always resources available to you. 

For mental health resources, visit this link.