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Tell Us Your Bright Side of the Pandemic

August 2020

Things appeared bleak in March 2020 as the coronavirus continued to spread across the globe. Businesses, restaurants, churches, movie theaters, gyms, beauty salons and more were shut down, people were asked to stay inside their homes, and the stock market crashed. But, surely it wasn’t all bad news. What opportunities or positive experiences has the pandemic created. Tell us your bright side of the pandemic. How has it changed you for the better? What positive impact will remain long after the virus is gone? How has learning changed for you? Is the world changed forever? Write your response on the wall or respond to someone else’s comments. Of course you can doodle or draw a picture as well.

The Rules are Simple:

  • Write as much as you wish.
  • Be respectful and be civil.
  • After you write/draw, do not return the marker. It’s yours to keep.

The exhibition will run through August 28, 2020. Writings from the wall will be shared on the Library’s social media channels. Of course, you can take photos and videos and post them on your social media!