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The Golden Age of Hollywood B Movies:
Lobby Cards from the Bob Burke Film & Autograph Collection

April 1 - May 30, 2017

Highlighting items from the Bob Burke Film & Television Autograph Collection, 24 lobby cards promoting “B” movies from the 1930-1950s were on display. UCO Prof of English and Director of the Film Studies Program, Dr. John Springer curated the exhibit and was the featured guest speaker at the event.

Springer conjured up feelings of nostalgia among those old enough to remember spending Saturday afternoons at the theater watching double features. He noted, “B” movies evoke fond memories of Saturday matinees spent in darkened theaters, the aroma of fresh popcorn, and the thrill of larger-than-life heroes battling and overcoming impossible obstacles in ways that were entirely predictable but satisfying nonetheless.”

He went on to argue the film industry was the most important cultural institution in American life during this period. He set the stage for a deeper exploration of the film industry describing the Hollywood studio system as a vertically integrated commercial enterprise staunchly hierarchical and bureaucratic.

The lobby cards on display represented several movie genres from Western, horror and coming of age to murder mystery and high seas drama. For more information about the event and the Bob Burke Film & Autograph Collection follow the link below.

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13 Frightened Girls! Directed by William Castle. Cast by Hugh Marlowe. Produced by William Castle Productions, 1963.

Away All Boats. Directed by Joseph Pevney. Cast by Jeff Chandler & Lex Barker. Produced by Universal International, 1956. 

Big Town. Directed by William C. Thomas. Cast by Phillip Reed & Hillary Brooke. Produced by Pine Thomas Productions, 1946. 

Blonde Blackmailer. Directed by Charles Deane. Cast by Richard Arlen & Susan Shaw. Produced by Charles Deane Productions, 1955.

The Brain Machine. Directed by Ken Hughes. Cast by Patrick Barr & Elizabeth Allan. Produced by Merton Park Studios, 1955.

Canyon Ambush. Directed by Lewis Collins. Cast by Jonny Mack Brown & Phyllis Coates. Produced by Silvermine Productions, 1952.

China Gate. Directed by Samuel Fuller. Cast by Gene Barry & Angie Dickinson. Produced by Globe Enterprises, 1957.

Cry Danger. Directed by Robert Parrish. Cast by Dick Powell & Rhonda Fleming. Produced by Olympic Productions, Inc., 1951.

The Desperados are in Town. Directed by Kurt Neumann. Cast by Robert Arthur & Kathy Nolan. Produced by Regal Films, 1956.

The Golden Hawk. Directed by Sidney Salkow. Cast by Rhonda Fleming & Sterling Hayden. Produced by Esskay Picture Corporation, 1952.

Gunplay. Directed by Leslie Selander. Cast by Tim Holt & Joan Dixon. Produced by RKO Radio Pictures, 1951.

Journey to the Lost City. Directed by Fritz Lang. Cast by Debra Paget. Produced by Criterion Productions, 1960.

The Hawk of Wild River. Directed by Fred F. Sears. Cast by Charles Starrett & Jock Mahoney. Produced by Columbia Picture Corporation, 1952.

Joy Ride. Directed by Edward Bernds. Cast by Regis Toomey & Ann Doran. Produced by Allied Artists Pictures, 1958. 

The Lone Rider and the Bandit. Directed by Sam Newfield. Cast by George Houston & Al St. John. Produced by Sigmund Neufeld Productions, 1942.

Lure of the Wasteland. Directed by Harry L. Fraser. Cast by Grant Withers & LeRoy Mason. Produced by Al Lane Pictures, 1939. 

Rendezvous 24. Directed by James Tinling. Cast by William Gargan & Maria Palmer. Produced by Sol M. Wurtzel Productions, 1946.

River Gang. Directed by Charles David. Cast by Gloria Jean & John Qualen. Produced by Universal Pictures, 1950.

Rumble on the Docks. Directed by Fred F. Sears. Cast by James Darren & Laurie Carroll. Produced by Clover Productions, 1956.

Santa Fe Passage. Directed by William Witney. Cast by John Payne & Faith Domergue. Produced by Republic Pictures, 1955.

Specter of the Rose. Directed by Ben Hecht. Cast by Judith Anderson. Produced by Republic Pictures, 1946.

The Square Jungle. Directed by Jerry Hopper. Cast by Tony Curtis & Ernest Borgnine. Produced by Universal International Pictures, 1956.

Web of Evidence. Directed by Jack Cardiff. Cast by Van Johnson & Vera Miles. Produced by Georgefield Productions, 1959.

Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard. Directed by Francis Searle. Cast by Richard Carlson & Herbert Lom. Produced by Hammer-Lesser, 1952.

Opening Reception - April 13, 2017

Dr. John Springer,
UCO Professor of English
and Director of the
Film Studies Program

Guests of event

Dr. John Springer,
UCO Professor of English
and Director of the
Film Studies Program

Guests of event

​Shikoh Shiraiwa, Archives Specialist
Dr. John Springer, UCO Professor of English and Director of the Film Studies Program