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Central African Art in Global Context: Central African Art Class Presentations

December 6, 2016

Collaborating with the Visual Art Global Culture Program and Dr. Teresa Pac, Assoc. Prof., of Art, director of the program, the Library hosted a showcase where students presented their research. Each student selected an African art object and did a comparative analysis of their choosing. This program breaks with traditional art history models by focusing on the artwork of non-Western societies.

As part of an effort to foster global and cultural competency the Chambers Library makes these collections available to UCO students for study. The Chambers Library houses a significant collection of African Art consisting of more than 1,200 objects from twenty different countries in Central, Western, and Southern Africa.

More than 400 objects representing 100 diverse societies and cultures are displayed on the second and third floors of the Library. These artworks were collected by former UCO Art faculty William Hommell Ph.D. through donations or loans from the Kirkpatrick Foundation, as well as private individuals.

Read more about the Visual Arts and Global Culture Program and the work produced by the students in the booklet linked below.

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Example of a Bembe helmet and face mask

Example of a Bwoom mask

Example of a Hemba and Luba figurine

Example of a Kuba textile

Example of a Kwifon animal mask 

 Example of a Lega Bwami mask

Example of a Mangbetu harp

Example of a Mwaash-a-Mbooy mask

Example of a Pende mask

Event Organizers
Nicole Willard (Director of Archives and Special Collections, Library Development)
Shikoh Shiraiwa (Library Technician)
Teresa Pac Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Global Art and Visual Culture Coordinator)