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Research & Learning


Information literacy is essential to becoming an informed citizen, critical thinker, and lifelong learner. The librarians in the Research & Learning Department of Chambers Library provide instruction and consultation services to ensure that students:

  • Critically analyze the relevance, accuracy, quality, timeliness, authority, and context of information
  • Develop effective and efficient strategies for finding credible information
  • Identify and select sources that are appropriate for an information need
  • Follow a reasonable timeline to conduct information research, assimilate and synthesize ideas, and create an academic work representative of their research
  • Employ the principles of academic honesty by acknowledging the works of others through accurate citations and references

Librarians are expert researchers and we are glad to help!

In-Person Class

Our in-person library instruction classes offer:

  • Orientation to the library's collections and services
  • Demonstration and guided practice searching discipline-specific resources

Instruction may be in your classroom or in Room 226 in the library.

If using Room 226, capacity is 45 students with student laptops and an instructor projection system. Classroom Use Policy

If you have a D2L presence for your in-person class, consider embedding a Librarian in your course.

Schedule In-Person Class

Online Class

Our eLearning librarians are eager to support your students via "embedding" in D2L. Embedding can be as personalized as you wish, but often includes:

  • A librarian widget on the D2L class homepage
  • A dedicated library discussion board
  • Prompts and tips for student research projects

eLearning Resources

Online tools:

All of these can be embedded directly into your D2L course. Ask us for help.

For more information, contact Jennifer Flygare at (405) 974-5971 or