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For information on library operations, visit our COVID-19 Response page.
  • As of Monday, May 24th, 2021 UCO no longer mandates the use of masks or social distancing. Unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear a mask. Vaccinated individuals may continue to voluntarily wear a mask.
  • 4th floor is currently closed.


Borrowing Library Materials

Eligible borrowers: UCO students, staff, and faculty as well as Courtesy Card holders may check out library items with a valid photo ID. Anyone may use the library’s resources in-house.

To view your checkouts and due dates, login to your library account with your UCO credentials.

If an item is not returned, you will be charged the replacement cost.

Disclaimer: The library is not responsible for any damage to user’s removable disk or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning of library hardware/software.


Loan Limits

User Group Number of Items Loan length (in days)
Undergraduate Student 25 30 + renewal
Graduate Student 35 45 + renewal
Faculty 75 90 + renewal
Staff 35 90 + renewal
Retired Faculty & Staff 75 90 + renewal
ELI 5 14 + renewal
Courtesy Card (Alumni, OK Share, FOL)  5 14+ renewal



Item Type Fines
Books/DVDs/LPs/CDs 25¢/Day
3 Hour Reserve (High Demand Items) $1/Minute
3 Day Reserve $20/Day
30 Day Reserve $20/Day
Interlibrary Loan $1/Day with $30 max
4-hour Laptop checkouts, Tablets, iPads $10/Hour with $60 max; $550 replacement fee
3-day Laptop checkouts $20/Day with $60 max; $550 replacement fee
Engineering Kits, VR headsets, Blu-Ray player, CD/DVD drive, Cassette to MP3 & WAVE Converter, ProTools Dongle iLOK $10/Hour with $60 max; $550 replacement fee
Camcorder, Digital Camera, Tripod, Projector $20/Day with $60 max; $75 replacement fee
Headphones/Headsets, Microphones, Chargers, Cords/Cables, Calculators, USB flash drives, Card Readers, Remotes $1/Hour with $15 max
Lockers $5/Day