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About Max Chambers Library

Classroom Use Policy

The library classroom is located on 2nd floor north, Room 226.

For questions about scheduling the room, contact Jennifer Flygare at or (405) 974-5971.

  1. Priority for scheduling use of the Library Instruction Classroom will be given to library instruction classes.
  2. The Library Instruction Classroom may be used for other campus needs if a library instruction class is not already scheduled.
  3. Software may not be added to the students' computers - these computers have limited software and added security to ensure quality instruction and to discourage accidental or deliberate tampering.
  4. Software may be added to the instructor's computer, but only with permission of the head of the Reference Department.
  5. Outside users must contact the Library Instruction Coordinator no more than one week in advance to schedule classroom time.
  6. Instructors of outside classes should ask an Instruction Librarian to demonstrate the classroom equipment before attempting to use it.
  7. Instructors of outside classes may bring in materials and equipment for a class, but the Library is not obligated to supply supplementary equipment such as overhead projectors, video players, etc.
  8. Use of the Internet in the classroom must comply with University rules and state and federal laws.
  9. The Library Instruction Classroom must not be used as an "open lab" without supervision of users. Instructors are responsible for providing supervision of students in the classroom.
  10. Instructors are responsible for ensuring the reasonable use of the equipment, returning borrowed equipment to its place, shutting down the computers after the class, leaving the classroom clean and making sure the doors are locked.