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This guide has been organized to specifically help you with your Literature Review assignment. By using this guide, it is our hope that you will be able to streamline your searching. You can navigate using the menu on the left to learn more about literature reviews, empirical studies, and how to locate sources. If you ever have questions or need help, please contact us!


You can use these tricks to help find the best results when searching.

Creating keywords:

Ask yourself the who, what, where, why questions and use the one/two word answers as your keywords!

Boolean terms:

AND combines, OR expands, NOT eliminates. Add them to your search to get more or less results!



Cut a word off at the trunk and let it branch out during the search! (Ex. Education = Educat* or Children = Child*).


Phrase searching:

Put quotation marks around your search terms to keep them together. (Ex. "speech language pathology" or "special education").



Use parentheses to put it all together in a nice little nest!  ("classroom management" AND (teacher OR instructor))