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Searching Databases

You can find reliable, authoritative articles using Central Search or specialized databases. These tutorials focus on finding articles in specialized databases.

Choosing a Database

Searching in EBSCOHost

Searching in ProQuest

Searching in Project Muse

Multidisciplinary database with special emphasis on social science and the liberal arts.

Finding Articles in Specific Subject Areas


Mergent Online: Introduction
Click-through tutorial: Learn how to access the Mergent Online database, search for a specific company, and view company information. (opens a new tab)

Mergent Online: Bond Information
Click-through tutorial: Learn how to retrieve detailed information about bonds using the "Bond Search" feature. (opens a new tab)

Mergent Online: Company Information
Click-through tutorial: Learn more about what company information is available through Mergent and how to access it. (opens a new tab)

Mergent Online: Custom Reports
Click-through tutorial: Learn how to create a list of companies based on specific criteria (also known as "screening"), add companies to an "analysis list", and create customized reports comparing companies across multiple time periods. (opens a new tab)

Simmons Insights & Mintel
Research guide: Learn how to find US market data reports using Mintel and how to find consumer demographics using Simmons Insights. (opens a new tab)

The International Monetary Fund publishes User Guides for its International Financial Statistics Database.

For a full list of business resources, visit the Business Research Guide.

For a full list of marketing resources, visit the Marketing Research Guide.

LexisNexis: Finding Landmark US Cases
Video: This video will show you around the Landmark Cases form in LexisNexis Academic. (opens a new tab)

Free web resources for legal information:

  • WashLaw from Washburn University School of Law is a directory of legal resources, arranged at the federal level and by states.
  • FindLaw is an extensive resource for non-legal experts to learn about popular law topics, as well as find a lawyer or sample legal documents.
  • See also Cornell's Legal Information Institute.

For a full list of law resources, visit the Law and Legal Research Guide.

Searching JSTOR
Click-through tutorial: Learn how to do an advanced search in JSTOR and use specialized commands and tools on the JSTOR platform. (opens a new tab)

Searching Gale Literature
Video: Gale Literature is the cross-searching platform for all of Gale’s literature resources, covering literary criticisms, biographies, primary works, journals, and topic overviews. (opens a new tab)

Gale Literature Resource Center
Video: This tutorial shows you how to use Gale Literature Resource Center to take your literary analysis to the next level. (opens a new tab)

For a full list of literature criticism resources, visit the Literature & Literary Criticism Research Guide.