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Citing Sources

Citing your sources properly is critical to your academic success. The tutorials on this page will help you learn various citation styles and how to avoid plagiarism.

UCO's Academic Dishonesty Policy is outlined in the Code of Student Conduct. Violations are handled by the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Resolution.

Style Workshops

The library offers hands-on workshops on APA, MLA, and Chicago Styles. They are about an hour long and are free and open for anyone to attend. If you would like to find out when the next classes are offered, view the Library Event Calendar.

Quick Reference Guides

The library has short guides with examples of how to cite commonly-used sources, such as how to cite a book, article, or website. These guides include a wide variety of styles, including APA, APSA, ASA, Chicago, Legal Research, and MLA.

View all Style & Citation Guides on the Handouts page.


Plagiarism is the act of using anyone else's ideas, words, or concepts without giving them proper credit. Not only is it good research practice to give fair credit to other researchers, plagiarism can have serious consequences, including expulsion from the university.

Use the research guide linked below to learn about different types of plagiarism and how to avoid them:

APA Style

APA Citation Overview

Additional Resources:

MLA Style

"Understanding MLS Style (8th edition)" from Kyle Stedman

Additional Resources:

Chicago Style

"Chicago Style: The Basics" from Purdue OWL

Additional Resources: