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Faculty Services

Max Chambers Library services for faculty

Collection Liaisons

Library Liaisons are designated to support the teaching, learning, and research needs of faculty and students in a specific department. Faculty and Library Liaisons work together to develop collections and resources that support the current curriculum and potential new courses. Librarian Liaisons purchase and deselect materials as necessary to maintain a functional collection.

Department College Dept. Liaison Library Liaison Deselection
Accounting COB Dr. Paula Sanders Kirsten Davis September
ACM CFAD Patrick Conlon Christine Edwards July
Adult Education & Safety Sciences CEPS Dr. Lori Risley Casey Lowry January
Advanced Professional & Special Services CEPS Dr. Tara Dalinger Karl Siewert March
Art CFAD Cortney McConnell Jennifer Flygare July
Biology COMS Dr. Paul Olson Aaron Sterba August
Chemistry COMS Dr. Mike Jezercak Kirsten Davis April
Computer Science COMS Dr. Junghwan "John" Rhee Nicole Sump-Crethar August
Criminal Justice COLA Matt Jones Kaitlyn Palone April
Curriculum & Instruction CEPS Dr. Kelly Baker Casey Lowry January
Dance CFAD Michelle Moeller, MFA Christine Edwards July
Design CFAD Amanda Horton, MFA
Sam Washburn, MFA
Jennifer Flygare July
Economics COB Dr. Chintamani Jog Jennifer Flygare April
Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research CEPS Dr. Susan Scott
Alissa Crawford
Shay Beezley October
Engineering & Physics COMS Dr. Abdellah Ait Moussa Kirsten Davis September
English COLA Dr. Rebecca Quoss-Moore Shay Beezley October
Finance COB Dr. David Chapman Kirsten Davis September
Forensic Science FSI Dr. Mark McCoy Kaitlyn Palone January
Funeral Service COMS Angela Knight, JD Anona Earls April
History & Geography COLA Dr. Lindsey Churchill Aaron Sterba March
Human Environmental Sciences CEPS Uikyung Jung Karl Siewert August
Humanities & Philosophy COLA Dr. Sarah Woolwine Anona Earls January
Information Systems & Operations Management COB Dr. Michael Chae Nicole Sump-Crethar March
Kinesiology and Health Studies CEPS Dr. Jamie Dunnington Jean Longo August
Management COB Dr. Lalit Manral Nicole Sump-Crethar February
Marketing COB Dr. Manoshi Samaraweera Anona Earls February
Mass Communication COLA Dr. Christy Vincent Kaitlyn Palone February
Mathematics & Statistics COMS Dr. Ronnie "Scott" Williams Kirsten Davis September
Military Science COB TBD Aaron Sterba March
Modern Languages COLA Dr. M. Teresa Moinette Shay Beezley October
Music CFAD Dr. Barbara DeMaio Christine Edwards July
Nursing COMS Ashley Wilson, DNP Jean Longo October
Political Science COLA Dr. Brett Sharp Aaron Sterba August
Psychology CEPS Dr. Kaitlyn Breana Downey Karl Siewert September
Sociology, Gerontology, and Substance Abuse Studies COLA Dr. Brenda DuVerney-Chappell Anona Earls October
Theatre Arts CFAD Alicia Tafoya
Becky McGuigan
Christine Edwards July
Collection Collection Developer Deselection
Archives & Special Collections Nicole Willard N/A
Children's Collection Casey Lowry May-June
Chumley Literature Shay Beezley N/A
Chumley Management Nicole Sump-Crethar N/A
Multimedia Christine Edwards May-June
Passport UCO Kirsten Davis N/A
Reference Collection Research & Learning Department May-June
Collections outside the scope of normal deselection   May-July