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Deselection of Materials

Each month, librarians review their library collection development areas and select books and other materials for withdrawal. The selected titles have not been checked out for 7 or more years AND meet at least one of these other criteria:

  • Superseded edition
  • Duplicate copies of low-use books
  • Obsolete/out of date
  • Too worn, mutilated or marked-up
  • Poor quality materials
  • No longer supports the curriculum
  • Replaced with new copy
  • Available as an online resource or ebook

The following items are available for faculty review on 4th floor (or 2nd floor south for Government Documents). They will remain on the faculty review shelves for one month and then will be processed for withdrawal from the library's collections. Faculty members may request that materials be retained for these or other reasons:

  • Oklahoma or UCO author or about Oklahoma
  • A classic or standard in the field
  • Subject matter unique or only item in subject field
  • Received an award or prize
  • Valuable because of photographs or illustrations
  • High use material that needs older editions or duplicates
  • Currently used in a class

Faculty may request that materials be retained.

Request to Retain Material

For more information, see section VIII Guidelines for Deselection in the Collection Development Policy or the deselection month assigned to each department.

Areas Under Review For Deselection

None at this time