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Library Digital Initiatives

Information about the Digital Initiatives Working Group and UCO Digital Repositories

Submitting Individual Items to a Collection

Submitted items are permanently retained on SHAREOK. See the SHAREOK Repository page for information about the benefits of participating in the institutional repository.

Faculty & Staff   Graduate Student   Undergraduate Student

Submitting a Collection for Review

The Digital Initiatives Working Group (DIWG) welcomes collection proposals from UCO administration, faculty, staff, and students. Please review the information below prior to submitting your proposal.


  1.  Submit your collection proposal by completing the Collection Intake Form and emailing it to
  2.  The DIWG will review the proposal, evaluate it with a rubric, and may ask for additional information.
  3.  The DIWG will respond to the submitter and either
    • accept the proposal or
    • decline the proposal and may suggest other alternatives.
  4.  If accepted, the DIWG will work with you to add the collection to a UCO repository!


What makes a good digital collection? Collections most likely to be added meet the following guidelines/criteria:

  1.  Permission to digitize and publish online the material
  2.  Collection is complete and not missing years/issues/pages
  3.  Is unique, e.g. not previously digitized nor available online in any format
  4.  File type is easily accessible
  5.  High quality scans with high resolution and legible
  6.  Supports current instruction or research needs or has potential for academic use and general education interest
  7.  Does not circulate, e.g. rare books, materials from Special Collections
  8.  High use materials, regularly requested by UCO faculty or students


Contact the Digital Initiatives Working Group at for assistance.