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Library Digital Initiatives

Information about the Digital Initiatives Working Group and UCO Digital Repositories

SHAREOK Repository

SHAREOK, UCO's institutional document repository, connects Oklahoma and global academic communities to the unique collections and scholarly output from the University of Central Oklahoma. SHAREOK is a cooperative open-access repository between the University of Central Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University Libraries. Collections in SHAREOK include digital dissertations and theses, faculty publications, research data, open educational resources, unique departmental or institutional resources, and more. To learn more about specific digital collections included in SHAREOK, visit our digital collections page.

SHAREOK is working to:

  • Provide open access to the research and creative activity done at UCO
  • Create global visibility and showcase UCO's scholarly research and creative activity
  • Store and preserve other digital assets from UCO stakeholders, including unpublished or otherwise easily lost "grey" literature
  • Allow the UCO community to share the scholarly content they wish to share, such as slide decks, articles, teaching and learning materials, etc.
  • Assist UCO scholars in complying with grant-funded mandates to make research and creative outputs openly available
  • Help ensure the long term preservation of research and creative outputs done at UCO

Digital Collection Policy (SHAREOK Policy begins page 13)

Why you should contribute to SHAREOK

  • Depositing your work in SHAREOK can fulfill funding agency requirements to make your work openly accessible.
  • SHAREOK increases the reach and impact of your work by making it available from web search engines.
  • SHAREOK securely preserves your work and makes it easier to share with colleagues or collaborators via a permanent URL.
  • SHAREOK is great for content that is not found elsewhere, such as proceedings, educational materials, technical reports, working papers, and more.
  • SHAREOK tracks access and download statistics to demonstrate how often your work is accessed.
  • You aren’t limited by medium; SHAREOK can store images, multimedia files, and other content.
  • Authors retain copyright of their work deposited in SHAREOK

To recommend a collection for inclusion in SHAREOK or one of the other Chambers Library Repositories, fill out the Collection Intake Form. To submit an individual item to a collection, please see the Submission Information page and fill out the linked form.