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Magazine or Journal?

Magazine is a periodical that is written for the general public.  Articles are written by professional writers who are not necessarily experts in the field. The vocabulary is usually understandable to most people, have nice illustrations or photographs, but little or no documentation of their sources.

An Academic Journal is something that is written for academics, researchers, or specialists in the field.  The language in the articles will contain original research or information written in a more technical voice.  This information is  supported by footnotes or references.  


Type In-Text Works Cited
Article from a Scholarly Journal in a Database (Lennon 240)

Lennon, John. "Assembling a Revolution: Graffiti, Cairo and the Arab Spring." Cultural Studies Review, vol. 20, no. 1, March 2014, pp. 237-275. Art, Design, & Architecture Collection, > 

Article from a Scholarly Journal on the open web (Barker)

Barker, Jessica. "Legal Crisis and Artistic Innovation in Thirteenth Century Scotland." British Art Studies, vol. 6, 2016, 

Scholarly journals require a page range.  If the journal appears exclusively online that does not make use of page numbers, the author's name is the only element in the in-text citation. "Do not count unnumbered paragraphs or other parts." 


Article from a Print Journal (Rainaldi 56) Rainaldi, Linda. "Jordan Maclachlan: The Stuff of Life." Raw Vision. vo. 94, Summer 2017, pp. 56-57. 
Article with no Author ("English")

"English Language Arts." Oklahoma Academic Standards, 2016,

An access date should generally be provided if the work lacks a publication date or if you suspect the work has been altered or removed. See 5.111 in the Handbook.

Type In-Text Works Cited
Magazine Article from a Database (Worland 30)

Worland, Justin. "Wind Power Catches a Mountain Breeze." Time, vol. 189, no. 21, 6 May 2017, p. 30. MasterFILE Premier. 

Magazine Article from the Internet (Phillips)

Phillips, Brian. "Out in the Great Alone." Grantland,  5 May 2013, 


Type In-Text Works Cited 
Newspaper Article from a Database (Hurdle D6)

Hurdle, Jon. "Arming China's Terra-Cotta Warriors With Your Phone." New York Times, 3 Oct. 2017, p. D6(L), Opposing Viewpoints in Context, 

Newspaper Article Online (Jenkins)

Jenkins, Mark. "In the Galleries: Digital and Traditional Media Join Forces." The Washington Post, 30 June 2017, Accessed 20 October 2017.

Access date is encouraged for online sources that may be unstable or change.

Newspaper Article in Print (Chang A1)

Chang, Kenneth. "The Melting (Freezing) of Antarctica." New York Times, 2 Apr. 2002, late ed. p. A1.

Newspaper Article with No Author ("Famous Dog Race")

"Famous Dog Race Faces Doping Scandal." The Washington Post. 25 Oct. 2017,

If the title has no known author, use a shorten title for the in-text citation.