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Internet resources


The main book collection is located on the 3rd floor of the library. A call number is equivalent to a book's address. Some book neighborhoods you might want to browse:

GT 500 - 2370 = Costumes and fashion

MT 955 - 956 = Musical Theater

MT 960 = Music in the theater

You cans also use Central Search to find a book by title.

Almost all plays are shelved on the 3rd floor in the P call number section. This is a very large section because it houses all literature, so browsing for a play can be quite difficult. We are working on making this easier, but in the meantime you can use the Central Search (Books & Media) tab to browse virtually.

To search for plays:

  • If you are looking for a specific play enter the title of the play into the search bar. Just below the search bar, change the option "anywhere in the record" to "title"
  • If you are looking for plays by a specific playwright enter the name of the person (last name first) into the search bar. Just below the search bar, change the option "anywhere in the record" to "author/creator"
  • If you are looking by subject enter one of the subject terms below and change "anywhere in the record" to "in subject heading"

Try using these subject headings when searching by subject:

  • drama
  • monologue
  • collected plays
  • one-act
  • dialogues
  • dramtists
  • film adaptation
  • libretto
  • musical
  • play
  • theatre


About reviews

A how-to book:

A Guide to Critical Reviews by James M. Salem


Library databases to look in:

Useful news sites:

Find more publications in the library about theater reviews.