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Emerging Technologies

Virtual Reality Appointments

You may book appointments up to 1 ½ months ahead and up to an hour long session. Students booking for class assignment should note professor's name on appointment form.

Reserve VR Session

Virtual Reality experiences may cause dizziness and disorientation. Those prone to motion sickness should take care when using the Virtual Reality equipment.

Virtual Reality Equipment

Oculus Rift

oculus rift virtual reality


HTC Vive

Virtual Reality Experiences

A sampling of our VR software for exploring the world.

Organon 3D: Learn human anatomy with over 4,000 realistic anatomical models/structures with detailed descriptions for each body structure. (Only available on HTC Vive)

Google Earth VR: Enjoy cinematic tours and hand-picked destinations that send you to the Amazon River, the Manhattan skyline, the Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps, and more.

BBC Bear Island: The story of a young black bear, named Swift, who is searching for a perfect fishing spot. Help her negotiate the waterways and find a safe hunting ground.

The Body VR: Travel inside the human body to see how cells work to spread oxygen and fight viruses.

Boulevard History Museum: Explore museums and cultural sites to see art, architecture, and culture from around the world.

Blocks by Google: Create 3D models and share them via links, .obj exports, or animated gifs.

Medium by Oculus: Sculpt, model, paint, and create tangible objects in a VR environment using hand gestures and movement.

Acute Art - View original digital artworks created by today's artists. It is a constantly growing exhibition of interactive artworks.

MasterWorks - Travel to three continents to visit four fully explorable environments where you can collect artifacts and learn from archaeologists and scientists.

Electrical Substation Training Platform for Engineers - Experience complete immersion in a high voltage substation and learn about current ISO standards.

Nikola Tesla Experience - Visit the places where Nikola Tesla lived and worked, and meet Tesla himself as a narrator of his own stories.