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Innovation Studio

Emerging Technologies

Suggested Class Assignments

The Innovation Studio equipment is available to enhance the classroom experience. Here are suggestions for ways to use Innovation Studio equipment for assignments. If you have an idea or would like assistance in creating an assignment that incorporates the Innovation Studio, contact us.



McCasland Recording Studio

Virtual Reality

Laser Cutter

3D Printer

Large Format Printer

Lego Mindstorms




Create or display virtual art

Create cut or  engraved art

Create 3D art

Presentation posters

Print artwork on Canvas


Computer Science


Create animations or backdrops for programs

Create VR programs



Presentation posters

Practice basic coding

Teach robotics or STEM concepts


Clothing designs

Paper dolls


Record a video of a clothing design



Create and print 3D furniture/ interior designs

Presentation posters


3D renderings 



Bulletin board pieces

Record lessons

Develop curriculum for teaching a VR program

Create manipulatives to demonstrate concepts

Create 3D prints to demonstrate concepts in math/science etc.

Presentation posters

Practice teaching robotics or STEM concepts




Electrical Substation Training Platform


Create and print prototypes

Presentation posters

Create a robot

Exercise Science


Record proper techniques for specific exercises

Organon3D (study the movement of specific body parts)



Presentation posters




Advertise a product from an historical perspective

Record podcast episodes

View and examine historical sights


Create and print historical equipment

Presentation posters




Record interviews, podcast episodes




Presentation posters



Test package designs

Record commercials


Design and cut promotional items 

Create and print promotional items 

Presentation posters

Create sample marketing poster/billboard


Mass Comm


Record commercial or news segment




Presentation Posters




Film instructional segments, such as how to take blood pressure

Organon3D to analyze bodily systems


Create and print realistic anatomy or medical devices

Presentation Posters




Record auditions, short plays, movie segments


Design and cut small props

Create and print small props

Presentation posters

Print signs or displays for sets