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Innovation Studio

Emerging Technologies

Policies & Procedures

closeup of 3D printing of green plasticPolicies

  • 3D printing is available for free to all current UCO students, staff, and faculty.
  • Designs must adhere to the UCO Technology and Network Usage Policy.
  • Patrons can produce or acquire designs from download Design Sites. Files should be .stl or .obj.
  • 10 hours is our current limit for print time length.
  • Chambers Library is not responsible for the finished print results.
  • Models not picked up after 1 week become the property of Chambers Library, unless prior arrangements have been made.


  • Staff will contact you within 5 business days (Mon-Fri) to note design approval and offer appointment choices (if you selected to be present at the print). Call 974-5154 if you have not been contacted.
  • After approval and appointment booking, your print will be placed in the queue.
  • If you are not present at printing, staff will contact you when print is completed and directions for pickup
  • We reserve the right to refuse any print request for any object that may pose a danger to others, including edged cutting devices, weapons, weapon parts, or weapon accessories. This right of refusal also includes replicas and prototypes.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any print request without a clear indication of the requesting patron having permission to print the file. Such permission typically takes one of three forms:
    • The file was created by the patron, who is the copyright holder.
    • The file is in the public domain or is licensed under Creative Commons or some similar open copyright arrangement.
    • The file was purchased (proof of purchase may be required).


  • How does a 3D printer work? Prints are made by rendering a physical object from a digital model, using the process of fused filament fabrication. The computer moves a heated nozzle that feeds plastic filament building layer upon layer from the base of the item up. CNN Explains: 3-D Printing
  • Do I create my digital model on the 3D printer computer? Not at this time.The computer is dedicated to the printer and has the printing software Simplify, that will slice (read and print).stl or .obj files.
  • Does the Library have 3D design software I can use? Scuptris is available on computers in the Innovation Studio. The Virtual Reality computer has Media and Blocks. You can book the Virtual Reality computer to use the software. 
  • How detailed are the 3D prints? Detailed print can be achieved. However, the more intricacy required, the longer the print time, regardless of size. A minimum scale is determined by the combined dimensions of the width, height, and depth. Minimum size subject to Innovation Studio staff approval.
  • Who can pick up my model? It must be picked up by individual who submitted the design, using a valid photo ID.
  • What colors can I use? At this time, specific filament colors are not available for request.
  • What if the print is rough? Rough areas can happen, but we can work with you on delicate projects. Tools for smoothing are available and fine sandpaper will help.