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Friends of the Library

Faculty Grant Winners

$1000 awards are granted each year to faculty who submit proposals identifying a specific need or gap in the Library’s collection.

two women stand smiling next to a table covered with children's picture books
Dr. Jill Davis & Dr. Darlinda Cassel with books from their grant for early childhood literature on teaching math


  • Sophia Clark, PhD, Modern Languages
    Proposal: Interdisciplinary manga collection to support comics and Japanese media courses
  • Jerry Green, PhD, Humanities and Philosophy
    Proposal: Conspiracy Theories


  • Dr. Edward Collins, Advanced Professional and Special Services
    Proposal: Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots usage for education
  • Dr. Breana Downey, Psychology
    Proposal: Sport Psychology


  • Dr. Jaime Burns, Criminal Justice
    Proposal: Educating criminal justice majors about mental health issues
  • Dr. DiAnn McDown, Curriculum & Instruction
    Proposal: Scholarly Activities and Leadership in Teaching


  • Dr. David Chapman, Finance, & Dr. Justin Olmstead, History
    Proposal: Protective Security, a defensive form of counter terrorism to deter terrorist attacks against crowded places
  • LaDonna McCune, Sociology, Gerontology, and Substance Abuse Studies
    Proposal: Addiction Counseling (new program)


  • Amanda Horton & Sam Washburn, Design
    Proposal: User experience, or UX design, and user interface design, or UI design
  • Cynthia Johnson, English
    Proposal: Technical Communication and Digital Writing


  • Dr. Mark Janzen, Museum Studies
    Proposal: International Handbooks on Museum Studies; 4 volume set
  • Dr. Jill Davis & Dr. Darlinda Cassel, Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    Proposal: Early childhood literature on teaching math


  • Dr. Kristin Karber, Math & Statistics
    Proposal: Instructional design technology 
  • Angela Marks, Theater Arts
    Proposal: Theatrical design, stage and production management and shop supervision


  • Dr. Linda Sealey-Holtz, Speech-Language Pathology
    Proposal: Resources to enhance the Speech Language and Pathology program
  • Dr. Margaret W. Musgrove & Dr. Joey Williams, Humanities
    Proposal: Diversity in the Classical World, these books focus on disability, ethnicity, and old age during ancient times


  • Dr. Susan Spencer, English
    Proposal: Asian literature of the 17th and 18th Centuries


  • Dr. Janette Wetsel, Early Childhood Education
    Proposal: Literature on teaching through play


  • Dr. LaDonna McCune, Sociology, Gerontology, and Substance Abuse
    Proposal: Compulsive gambling resources
  • Dr. Chris Butler, Biology
    Proposal: Ornithology resources


  • Dr. Jaime Burns, Criminal Justice
    Proposal: Criminal Justice and Corrections (new program)
  • Dr. Wayne Stein, English
    Proposal: Video games as resources of emergent media


No grant funded


  • Dr. Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen, History & Geography
    Proposal: British Women's History
  • Dr. Ted Honea & Dr. Tess Remy-Schmacher, Music
    Proposal: Music Historical Performance Practice


  • Dr. Rozilyn Miller & Mary Carver, Communication 
    Proposal: Women's Rhetoric Historical Documents
  • Dr. Robert Glaubitz, Theater Arts
    Proposal: Musical Theater Vocal Scores and Vocal Selections


  • Dr. Ted Honea, Music
    Proposal: Music Education Early Childhood
  • Dr. Timothy Petete, English
    Proposal: American Indian Studies


  • Dr. LaDonna Atkins, Early Childhood Education
    Proposal: Early Childhood Education - Reggio Emilia Philosophy
  • Dr. Margaret Musgrove, Humanities
    Proposal: Classical Studies: Greek and Latin languages and literature and the history and culture of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.


  • Dr. Michael Springer, History & Geography
    Proposal: The Works of Martin Luther
  • Dr. Jeff Plaks, History & Geography 
    Proposal: Holocaust Studies
  • Dr. Christy King, Communication
    Proposal: Mass Communication
  • Dr. Kenneth Swezey, Journalism
    Proposal: Journalism: Race Relations


  • Lauren Donaldson, Library
    Proposal: Seven Revolutions by the Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Dr. Ted Honea, Music
    Proposal: Music Education


  • Dr. Brian Lamb, Music
    Proposal: Music
  • Bonnie McNeely, Library
    Proposal: Passport to Italy (for the new Passport UCO program)