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Friends of the Library

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Nicole Willard
Senior Director Chambers Library
Phone: (405) 974-2882

Book Sales

Chambers Library is the home of the never-ending book sale. Rather than having one big annual event, we have Flash Sales, the Book Shelf, and an online store.

Flash Sales are one-day events in the library's basement, focusing on a subject area (although other books are also available). Most materials are $1

The Book Shelf is by the pillar near the Information Desk on the first floor. Materials are priced from 50¢ to $3. The inventory is always changing, so check often.

new Chamber of Books Store is our online store with books, DVDs, vinyl/LPs, and FOL merchandise available to purchase. Items can be picked up in the library, delivered on campus, or mailed.


Materials donated should be suitable to, and within the scope of the library mission and the current programs offered at the University of Central Oklahoma. All materials donated to the library will be reviewed in accordance with the current Library Collection Development Policy.

The Library accepts donations of:

  • Books (hardback, paperback)
  • Videos (VHS/DVD/BluRay)
  • Audio (cassette/CD/LP)
  • Other (maps, art, etc.)

The Library reserves the right not to accept:

  • Journals, magazines or newspapers
  • Outdated content or format
  • Items in poor physical condition
  • Items unrelated to current program offerings

Use of Gifts
All gifts are accepted with the understanding that they may someday be sold or disposed of in the best interest of the library. The library cannot commit itself to perpetually housing a donation. Of course, no gift will be disposed of in a careless manner and every donor can be assured the library will respect their donation.

Please Note

  • Donations are accepted without special stipulations or restrictions and become property of the Max Chambers Library.
  • Gifts of materials may be acknowledged but not appraised. Library staff cannot assign cash value to donated items. Appraisal of items for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor.
  • Librarians will review donated materials for possible addition to the collection, provided they support our curricula, are in good condition, and do not duplicate our holdings.
  • Items not added to the collection may be offered to the Friends of Chambers Library for sale. Revenues from this sale are used to enhance the Library in many ways.