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School Library Media databases

Library Media Education

Consider the general Education and related databases too, but we have several databases specific to library science:

These databases are professional book- and materials-review sources that will help you with selecting appropriate materials:

Books in the Library

Sometimes it is helpful to simply browse or search in the call number range for your specific area, to familiarize yourself with the titles.  Consider:

Z4-115.5: Books (General).  Writing

Z662-1000.5: Libraries

Z716.2-718.85: Libraries in relation to special topics.  Including children's libraries, libraries and students

Z1001-1121: General bibliography

ZA3038-5190: Information resources (General)

ZA3150-3159: Information services. Information centers

ZA3201-3250: Information superhighway

ZA4050-4775: Information in specific formats or media

ZA4050-4480: Electronic information resources

ZA4150-4380: Computer network resources

ZA4450-4460: Databases

ZA4550-4575: Motion pictures. Video recordings

ZA4650-4675: Pictures. Photographs

ZA4750-4775: Sound recordings

ZA5049-5190: Government information