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NACO Authority Cooperative Program @ UCO

How do you know if the books by Robert Smith, Bob Smith, or Bobby Smith are the same author or not? Or how will you be able to find resources published by Central State Teachers College when the only name you know is the University of Central Oklahoma?

UCO Chambers Library's professional catalogers participate in the Name Authority Cooperative Program to help solve these problems and more. After all, we work for an institution who changed its name 6 times over the course of a hundred years!

UCO is a founding member of the Oklahoma "Tornado" Funnel, a NACO funnel project coordinated by the University of Oklahoma. Becoming a NACO member requires 5 days worth of training, which UCO's professional catalogers completed during the summer of 2017. As NACO participants through the Oklahoma "Tornado" Funnel project, we authorize names and work with creators to establish their name for the Library of Congress NACO Authority File (LCNAF).

LCNAF is used widely--from WorldCat to Wikipedia to linked data services--and is an authoritative resource on the established form of a creator's name.


Library of Congress NACO Authority File

What is NACO? (Library of Congress Program for Cooperative Cataloging)