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Help with OER

The Library can help you locate materials or check on the licensing of materials for educational use. Contact the library if you have questions or assistance with OER. 

Finding OER

Searching for Open Educational Resources takes patience and time.  This guide will help you connect with OER content, but you need evaluate each resource you find for quality and if it is suitable to your learning objectives.

Openly Available Sources Integrated Search (OASIS)  offers the ability to search a range of OER materials including textbooks, courses and corresponding materials, interactive simulations, public domain books, audiobooks, modules, open access books, videos and podcasts on a variety of topics – from anthropology to zoology. OASIS also is the only tool that allows users to limit searches by creative commons licenses or by faculty review.

Major Repositories

Here are a few major repositories containing free, open source, creative commons licensed, or public domain material.  Be sure to look for licensing information when appropriating a resource.