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Creating a Playlist

Before creating a playlist for your class, you will need the username and password. Please contact Christine ( or x2949) or the Reference Desk (x2878) for this information.

1) Point your browser to the generic library instead of the UCO unique URL (for example: NOT You can also achieve this by logging out from the UCO account.

2) Log in with the Professor Username and Password.

3) Once you are logged in to a Naxos Library, you can search for a music track or video. Click on your selection and a new page will open allowing you the option to add to a playlist.

4) FOR MUSIC: Select the tracks you want to add and click the "add to playlist" tab. FOR VIDEO: Click "add clip to playlist." You must choose a start and stop time for your video, even if it's the whole video.

5) You can add the chosen track(s)/clip(s) to an existing playlist or create a new playlist.

6) Once you have added the chosen item(s) to your playlist, you can view the playlist by clicking the "Playlist" tab at the top of the Standard Search page. These playlists will be accessible to students who visit the Naxos databases through the library website, but can only be created and/or edited by professors.

If at any point you have questions or need help, please contact Christine (x2949) or the Reference Desk (x2878).

Naxos Databases

Links to the Naxos Databases

Naxos Music Library - 

Naxos Music Library: Jazz -

Naxos Video Library -

Naxos Permalinks

In the Naxos database, click on the Show Static URL tab on the left of the screen.

Video tutorials

While the above video focuses on the Video Library, the steps are the same in the NML and NJL. You will need the username and password to access and create playlists for your class. Please contact Christine ( or x2949) or the Reference Desk (x2878) for this information.