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Company Information

It is important to learn more about a company before you arrive at the interview.  Start with company profiles to get a good overview.  You can also learn about their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in SWOT Analysis Reports.  

It's also smart to be up-to-date on company news and how they rank with their competitors.  Use the library's resources to find this information.

Adapted from a libguide by Alice Kalinowski at The University of Pittsburgh

Company Profiles & Information

Places to look for company information

  • Company Website - Websites often have an "About Us" section.  Keep in mind that this was written by the company and is the image that the company wishes to project.
  • Annual Report  - Public companies are required to file annual reports - 10-K.  These reports will often have a section on the company's history.  This is information the company self-reports.
  • Databases and Library Resources - Some of the electronic resources in the library contain company histories
  • Articles - Newspapers, trade magazines, and scholarly articles will provide some information on the company.

SWOT is an "acronym for the components of a situation analysis in marketing and business strategy: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats."  Use the information to search for additional articles that might go further in depth.

Source: New Penguin Business Dictionary