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Inserting a video link into D2L

When inserting a link to streaming media into D2L, it is necessary to use the permalink generated by that media.  This is the permanent, static hyperlink to that media, also known as a persistant link.  These permalinks can be found in the same area as the media embed code within the media record.

Do not use the hyperlink shown in the top of the browser.  This link is temporarily generated in the browser.

Adapted from the College of Charleston library guide.

Streaming Video - Performing Arts

Note: Streaming Media and Zoom (and other video-conferencing applications)

While it is possible to use the "screen-share" feature in Zoom (or other video-conferencing platforms) for "in-classroom screenings" of streaming media, is not recommended by the Library. It will likely result in poor audio and video quality for students viewing the material and could stress internet connections. Additionally, some streaming platforms apply copyright protection to their content which prevents any images or sound being shared using the "screen-share" feature.

Ideally, a permalink to the streaming media would be shared and the students could watch the video prior to the start of class discussion, so that they may view it on their own time without having to worry about quality or computer/internet limitations. For synchronous "in-classroom screenings" the recommended procedure is to direct students to view materials on their own, in a separate tab or window, with their Zoom audio muted, and then return to the main meeting for the continuation of class.

Adapted from the James E. Tobin Library Libguides by Tabitha Ochtera.

Streaming Video- Most Popular Collections

Streaming Video - Health