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Textbook Review Center and Collection Information

Located on the south side of Chambers Library's 3rd floor, the Curriculum Collection serves as a Congressional District Review Center for textbooks reviewed and adopted by the state of Oklahoma for use in the public schools. This collection supports both the College of Education, whose programs focus on training future educators, and the local public schools, whose educators may review the materials when the library is open. 

The collection consists of the following:

  • Review instructional materials under consideration for current adoption cycle.
    • Review materials cannot be checked out and are available for in-library use only
    • Electronic review materials are available for a limited amount of time determined by the publisher
  • Adopted instructional materials retained for the time period during they are approved for use (generally 6 years)
    • Adopted materials may be checked out with UCO ID or Courtesy Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Review Center Contact:

Shay Beezley
Assistant Director of Metadata & Cataloging