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Archives & Special Collections

Organizational Papers

These collections include records of organizations not directly within the administrative structure of the University. Scroll down to browse the list, or search our collection guides using the search box below.


American Association of University Women (AAUW), Edmond Branch

Collection, 1923-1986
(incomplete - 1 linear ft.)

The records of the American Association of University Women, Edmond branch established in 1923 include, yearbooks, minutes, annual reports, histories, scrapbooks, correspondences, programs, and memorabilia.

Bethel Congregational Church Records

Papers, 1894-1940
(¼ linear in.)

The history of this local Edmond area church can be found in these reproduction records. Included with these records are also the records of the Dr. Earl Rice family of Edmond.

Herland Sister Resources

Collection, 1986-2016

Includes the organization's newsletters, oral interviews (not yet available), and approximately 4600 books. Herland Sister Resources is an organization dedicated to providing resources for the women's community to strengthen, enrich, and support women, and to promote a world free of prejudice, oppression and exploitation. It has operated in Oklahoma City since 1983.

Indian Territory Posse of Oklahoma Westerners Records

Papers, 1962-Present
(9 linear ft.)

The Indian Territorial Posse of Oklahoma Westerners was founded in 1962 as a forum for individuals interested in investigating, studying, and perpetuating the culture, history, and development of the American West with a special emphasis on Oklahoma. The organizations journal, The War Chief, was created to provide a medium for the publication and exchange of research conducted by its members. The organization limits its membership to males only.

Included in this collection are organizational papers, charter information, membership data, meeting minutes, letters and records of the I.T. Posse, as well as a complete run of their Publication The War Chief. It also includes issues of the International Westerners' journal the Buckskin Bulletin.

Marian MacDowell portraitMacDowell Club of Allied Arts - Oklahoma City

Papers, 1920-2020
(3.5 linear ft.)

The records of the MacDowell Club of Allied Arts Oklahoma City established in 1920 includes yearbooks, membership data, meeting minutes, letters, programs, and scrapbooks.

Muskogee Company Annual Reports

Papers, 1911-1962
(incomplete - 4 linear in.)

The annual reports of the railroad company built by the Ingersoll family include information on mergers with other rail lines such as the Midland Valley Railroad and the Osage Railway.

Oklahoma Department of Human Service Records

(500 linear ft.)

The records of this organization provide a unique opportunity for researching the development and administration of Social Security programs in the state of Oklahoma. When Lloyd E. Rader Sr. retired as head of ODHS in 1982, an act of the Oklahoma Legislature granted the Oklahoma Collection the papers, and files accumulated during his 31-year tenure. In his position as director, Rader was responsible for developing systems to aid children, the elderly, the handicap, and the poor.

The ODHS records contain correspondence, budget reports, publications, annual reports, meeting minutes, news clippings, and various other files and documentation of the organization. A complete subject index has been created to assist researchers with this large volume of information. (See also Lloyd E. Rader Papers)

Oklahoma Education Association Centennial Collection

Collection, 1872-1989
(3 linear ft., 226 slides)

The material in this collection provides fascinating and often humorous insight into the field of education in Oklahoma. Contained in the records are originals and copies of manuscripts, documents such as teaching certificates and contracts, photographs, scrapbooks, personal handwritten accounts, and a history of the OEA presented in 226 35mm slides. It also includes the biographies of the Oklahoma Retired Educators Association's VIMs (Very Important Members) from across the state. A pre-inventory identifies the counties, schools, and types of documents in the collection.

Oklahoma Humanities Council Records

Papers, 1971-1990
(80 linear ft.)

The Oklahoma Humanities Council (OHC) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of the humanities. The OHC is the designated state agency for the National Endowment for the Humanities in Oklahoma. In 1971, Oklahoma joined five other states in a program developed by the National Endowment for the Humanities to help launch state-based humanities councils. The NEH, a federal grant-making agency established by Congress in 1965, supports research, education, and public projects in the humanities. In creating state councils across the nation, NEH delegated some of its grant-making activities, particularly in public programs, to the citizens of communities where humanities programs take place. In our state, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, by action of its Board of Trustees, a council of citizens and scholars, carries out statewide grant-making and programming. The papers of this organization include administrative files, financial records, grant files, project folders, meeting minutes, program and project proposals, and publications.

Don Betz portraitOklahoma Townsite Case Files

Collection, 1889-1911
(100,000+ records)

Court records of ownership disputes following the historic land openings, beginning in 1889. These original documents are townsite maps, hearing transcripts, deeds, land office records, photographs, receipts, city council meeting minutes, letters, ledgers, and depositions. This is the only repository where these records can be found.

Platt Lumber Company

Papers, 1896-1960s
(14 linear ft.)

The L.F. Platt family owned and operated the Platt Lumber Company located in Moore Oklahoma. Company reports from 1927-1950’s and sales tickets from 1910-1960 make up the bulk of this Moore Oklahoma firms records. The records also include the homestead certificate of the Platt family.

"Tails Up!" magazine cover, blue plane on yellow backgroundRoyal Air Force in Oklahoma

Collection, 1936-2015
(14.25 linear ft.)

This collection includes files regarding specific subjects and individuals associated with the British Flying Training Schools in Oklahoma. The individuals featured in the files include instructors, officers, cadets, and other flight school employees. The files include photographs, newspaper articles, correspondence with former cadets and their family members, and related historical information taken from various books and online sources. The collection also contains autobiographies of former cadets, programs for events and ceremonies held at the flight schools, flight manuals, flight school examinations, various types of instructional materials, newsletters from the flight school associations, and materials regarding the reunions hosted by the No. 3 BFTS Association and the No. 6 BFTS Association.