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Archives & Special Collections

More Primary Collections

Bensel Directory Company's Business Directory (1 reel mm): This business directory includes cities and towns on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, and Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railways.

Blacks In Oklahoma 1889-1890 (23 sheets): Written by John Worrack in the 1880s, this self-imposed study provides a history of African-Americans in the first years of Oklahoma's opening.

Camp Guthrie Records 1889-1891 (2 reels mm): Established to maintain order in Indian Territory, Camp Guthrie existed for only 2 years and was also known as Camp Arthur or Camp MacArthur, after commanding officer Captain Arthur MacArthur.

Cartographic Records 1821-1921: These records contain over 200 negatives of Oklahoma boundaries, routes, and sites spanning 100 years.

Census Population Schedule of the U.S., 1860 (1 reel mm): This is the 8th census taken by the U.S. It includes Arkansas and parts of eastern Oklahoma , Indian Territory.

Dawes Rolls 1900 (4 reels mm): These are the final rolls of citizens & freeman of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory. Also included is an index to the Dawes Rolls.

Federal Population Census of Oklahoma, 1900 (54 reels mm): This is the 12th census taken and includes all of Oklahoma Territory. The full index is included among these reels.

Federal Population Census of Oklahoma, 1910 (179 reels mm): This is the 13th census, the first census taken after statehood and includes all of Oklahoma. The full index is included among these reels.

Federal Population census of Oklahoma, 1920 (192 reels mm): This is the 14th Census taken and includes all of Oklahoma. The full index is included among these reels.

First Territorial Census 1890 (1 reel mm): This microfilm contains the 1248 pages of the first census taken in Oklahoma, covering seven counties in Oklahoma and Indian Territory.

Indian Pioneer History Collection Late 1930s (40 reels mm): Contained in these reels of microfilm are the recorded memories of Indians and pioneers focusing on pre and early statehood days in Oklahoma. These are oral histories collected by the WPA during the depression.

Indian Territory Letters 1879 (1 reel mm): This reel contains letters, telegrams, and reports concerning army reinforcement of the 1879 proclamation by President Hayes forbidding emigrant trespassing in Indian Territory.

Interior Department Territorial Papers 1889 (5 reels mm): Contained in this collection are letters relating to the opening of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Strip and the Cherokee Outlet between 1889-1894.

Kay County Honor Roll and Service Record for WWI (1 volume): This collection contains the photos and service records for members of the military service from Kay County, Oklahoma, during World War I.

Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General 1870-1889 (33 reels mm): This collection contains correspondence relating to attempted removal of cattlemen from Indian Territory and problems related to the opening of Oklahoma to public settlement.

Letters Received Fort Supply 1869-1889 (1 reel mm): Included in these records are letters received by the Department of Interior concerning various matters relating to the Indian Affairs in Indian territory including felonious activities.

Oklahoma Newspapers: Several early newspapers for towns in Oklahoma Territory are also among our microfilm holdings.

Oklahoma Tract Books Index 1889 (12 volumes): These volumes track the acquisition of land during the land runs in Oklahoma. Actual claim files give homesteaders' names.

Returns From U.S. Military Posts 1800-1916 (26 reels mm): Included in these records are personnel roster reports, and other papers relating to the operation of military posts in Oklahoma. An index guide booklet is available for searching these records.

Rogers Vertical Files 1900's-1990's (24 linear ft.): This is a vertical file compiled by Jimmie Rogers, retired UCO Professor of Geography. Included in this collection are news clippings, maps, periodicals, pamphlets and statistics focusing on the geography of Oklahoma.

Sanborn Fire Maps 1867-1970 (21 reels mm): Created originally for the fire insurance industry for risk assessment purposes, Sanborn maps have long been renowned for their detailed and comprehensive coverage of U.S. towns and cities. By the mid-1950's, more than 12,000 had been mapped. Included in this collection are maps illustrating the locations of schools, churches, business, and other structures in Oklahoma towns.

U.S. Army Military records 1874-1875 (1 reel mm): These records contain letters concerning the Army's attempts to have the Department of Interior grant approval to invade Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Comanche lands in Indian Territory.