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Digital Collections


Digitization projects are always in progess in Archives & Special Collections. We do high-quality digital scanning to convert original documents and photos into web-accessible, searchable databases for primary research. Digitizing helps preserve fragile collections by providing detailed working copies without disturbing the original.

The Oklahoma Townsite Case Files is an ongoing project that will add 100,000 records from legal proceedings following the historic land openings, beginning in 1889. These original documents are townsite maps, hearing transcripts, deeds, land office records, photographs, receipts, city council meeting minutes, letters, ledgers, and depositions. This is the only repository where these records can be found.

The Bray Scrapbooks are an online collection of scrapbooks from 1942-1943, which were made by Oklahoma school children to document their schools' metal scrap drives in aid of World War II armory and ammunition. Images in the scrapbooks include school buildings, students, towns and cities where schools are located. Short school histories, compositions and drawings by students and newspaper clippings are also found between the pages of these scrapbooks.

The Illustrated London News collection consists of original copies of the first illustrated newspaper in the world, starting in 1842. This online feature provides links to searchable indexes for the newspaper. This collection of Illustrated London News dates between 1856-1873. There are 29 volumes in all with the best coverage during the Civil War period in America.

Herland Sister Resources collections include the organization's newsletters, oral interviews (not yet available), and approximately 4600 books. Herland Sister Resources is an organization dedicated to providing resources for the women's community to strengthen, enrich, and support women, and to promote a world free of prejudice, oppression and exploitation. It has operated in Oklahoma City since 1983.

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