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African Art & Artifacts - West & East Africa

The spectrum of human experience

In these artworks, the careful observer can see the universal themes of human life: ritual objects for the occasions of birth, nurture, coming of age, courtship, marriage, fertility, funerals, festivals, homecomings, making promises, making war and making peace. These objects are the artistic expressions of vibrant communities as they feel the need for protection, cope with grief and loss, feast, play, sing, discern the future, make communal decisions, dispense justice, bless the hunt and the hunter, even collect debts and settle arguments.

This online tour is just a portion of the African artworks in Chambers Library. Please enjoy this tour and come see other sculptures, objects, artifacts, and textiles.

African artwork is on display on 2nd and 3rd floor and on atrium landings of the library. The pieces rotate with others from UCO's Central Museum of Art & Design's African art collection, maintained by the College of Arts, Media and Design. Some of the pieces are on loan from the Kirkpatrick Center Affiliated Fund and others from Perry and Angela Tennison.