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Citing Sources: Why Should I Care?

Citing your sources properly is critical to your academic success. Find out more about Central's policies on academic dishonesty.


Plagiarism is the act of using anyone else's ideas, words, or concepts without giving them proper credit. Not only is it good research practice to give fair credit to other researchers, plagiarism can have serious consequences, including expulsion from the university.

The perils of plagiarism "Plagiarism: You quote it, you note it" (Transcript)
Length: 2 minutes
Source: Research Companion

What counts as plagiarism? "What counts as plagiarism?"
Length: Self-paced tutorial, about 10 minutes
Source: Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia University

Cite Sources: How?

You know you need to avoid plagiarism and cite your sources properly. What's next? Here are some guides that will help you learn to cite your sources using APA, MLA, and Chicago style guides.


APA Style: crediting sources "APA: Crediting Sources" (Transcript)
Length: 12 minutes
Source: UCO Library

APA Style: writing your paper "APA: Writing Style" (Transcript)
Length: 6 minutes
Source: UCO Library

APA Style: formatting your paper "APA: Formatting Your Paper" (Transcript)
Length: 4 minutes
Source: UCO Library

APA Style: citation generators "APA: Style Generators"(Transcript)
Length: 1 minute
Source: UCO Library

View combined APA tutorials
Bonus: If you need to cite an electronic resource, use our online APA style guide to electronic references.


MLA Style Guide "MLA Style Tutorial" (Transcript)
Length: Self-paced, approximately 10 minutes
Source: Hunter College


UCO provides the full text of the Chicago Manual of Style online. A video tutorial for Chicago Style will be posted here when it is available.

Style Workshops

The library offers hands-on workshops on APA, MLA, and Chicago Styles. They are about an hour long and are free and open for anyone to attend. If you would like to find out when the next classes are, Ask Us!

Quick Reference Guides

We have created some short guides with examples of how to cite commonly-used sources, such as how to cite a book, article, or website. Learn how to cite common resources in APA style | MLA style | Chicago, or Turabian style.

Need more information?

Research Companion is a collection of self-guided video tutorials that can guide you through each step of the research process.

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