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As of July 1, 2020, the Max Chambers Library is open with the 1st and 2nd floors available. Masks and social distancing are required while on campus. to ensure the safety of our students and staff. For more information on these measures visit our COVID-19 Response page.


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Main Book Collection: Most of our circulating books (the books that you can check out) are located on third floor. This collection uses the Library of Congress Classification system. Books that have call numbers beginning with A-H are on the north side and books with call numbers from J-Z are on the south side. You can find all the materials we own in the library and online with Central Search.

If you need help finding a book on the shelf, please ask at the help desk. If you need help with your topic, Ask Us!

Group Study Rooms: Five group study rooms are available for reservation on the north side of third floor. They can accommodate up to six people in a group and can be reserved a week in advance. Each room has a marker board and electrical outlets. The help desks on third floor can provide markers for the white boards. Find out more about the study rooms or make a reservation.

Curriculum Collection: UCO is a center for review of curriculum that may be adopted by Oklahoma public schools. The Curriculum Collection is on 3rd floor south and consists of textbooks, kits, boxed material, and other items. Browse and search the Curriculum Collection.

Children's Collection: The Children's Collection, on 3rd floor south, has books that have won the Caldecott Medal, Newbery Medal, or Sequouyah Book Awards, or are notable publications. The collection supports the curriculum of the College of Education. Browse and search the Children's Collection

Map Collection: The large, black map cases on 3rd floor north hold over 16,000 maps. While Google maps and other Internet resources are useful for many purposes, the Map Collection has maps that are especially helpful for history, geography and topology, population studies, and related disciplines. If you need help finding a map for a particular topic, please contact us on our Ask Us! page or ask at the Research & Learning Help Desk on first floor.

Artworks on 3rd floor: On 3rd floor north, ten large, museum-quality exhibit cases display traditional African art from central, eastern, and southern Africa. The collection serves as a working laboratory for classes in African culture and heritage. The online exhibit is courtesy of art professor Dr. William Hommel.

In this same area, look for the 5 1/2 foot tall, colorful statue of the bird-god Garuda from the Hindu religious tradition. Find out more about artwork in the library.

TRIO Offices: Student Support Services has offices on 2nd floor north and on 3rd floor south.

Chambers Library
Corner of Ayers St. & University Dr., Edmond, OK
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