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Event Details

  • Host: UCO Chambers Library
  • Audience: Catalogers, archivists, metadata specialists, digital collection librarians, library/archives workers interested in metadata justice
  • When: July 14th, 2022, 9:30 AM-3:30 PM
  • Where: Zoom
  • Cost: Free


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Note: schedule times are approximate. Schedule may shift slightly during the event.

Scheduled revised 7/1/22 due to speaker cancellation. We apologize for any inconvenience!

9:30 AM


Land Acknowledgment

9:35 AM

Keynote: Pushing the Boulder, Pushing the Envelope: Embracing the Iterative Nature of Improving Metadata

Violet B. Fox, The Cataloging Lab

10:05 AM

Started From the Middle, Now We’re Here: Making a Game Plan for Metadata Justice at the Dickinson Research Center

Kera Newby, Lulu Zilinskas, & Samantha Schafer, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

The Dickinson Research Center (DRC) at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum has implemented new online databases for photograph and manuscript collections. As legacy materials were transitioned into ArchivesSpace and Islandora, staff recognized the need to better understand the existing metadata and the necessity of a plan of action to move toward equitability. However, that process has not been without its challenges - the biggest of which was knowing where to start. This presentation will discuss how DRC database projects are evolving from just improving accessibility to also incorporating metadata justice.

11:05 AM

10-minute Break

11:15 AM

The Ethics of Creating Linked Open Data for Oklahoma Native Artists

Megan Macken, Oklahoma State University

This presentation is a brief overview of a project at OSU Libraries exploring the ethics of creating linked open data--particularly Wikidata--for the Oklahoma Native Artists oral history series.


11:30 AM

Group Discussion #1

Metadata and archival description are just a piece of what our institutions offer to our communities – how can we utilize these reparative practices to segue into larger conversations about the library as a whole?


12:00 PM

60-minute break

1:00 PM

Finding the Right Words

Shay Beezley & Kaitlyn Palone, University of Central Oklahoma

In Summer 2021, UCO Chambers Library's catalogers crafted an inclusive metadata statement. Our presentation will provide an overview of the process, recommendations for creating your own statement, and the challenges of important terminology being misappropriated as buzzwords (e.g. "decolonizing" the catalog)

2:00 PM                             

Oklahoma NACO & SACO Funnels

Jay Shorten, University of Oklahoma

Creating authority records and submitting subject heading proposals are a key part of a cataloger’s work, and these areas are especially impacted by metadata justice concerns. Jay will provide a short overview of the purpose of the NACO & SACO Funnels, how to join them, and what kind of training is involved. Additionally, he will share how OU successfully changed the Tulsa Race Massacre subject heading through the SACO process.

2:15 PM

15-minute break

2:30 PM

DARE to Say NO

Anona Earls, University of Central Oklahoma & JJ Compton, Oklahoma Christian University

Using the Acronym DARE we'll look specifically at reclassing the offensive and dated terminology of  call numbers for materials classified with N and O Cutter numbers for "Negro" and "Oriental."  DARE is short for Decide (to undertake the project), Access (changing the metadata), Repair (the label, record, shelving location, etc) or Eliminate (weed)

3:00 PM

Group Discussion #2

How can we build info-sharing between institutions and support each other in this important work? Are there projects you’ve been wanting to undertake and have hit a road block on?

3:30 PM