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A Few Things About Films on Demand

There are two ways to include Films on Demand in D2L.  You can either embed the film or provide a link to the film.  Both ways are explained here.  

It is important to note that when you include a Films on Demand film in your course, go through the D2L "Imbed Stuff" link.  If you cut and paste the permalink into your course, your students will have trouble accessing content off campus.

If at anytime your students have problems accessing the content, have the student contact the reference desk (405) 974-2878 and we can walk them through the process.

Embedding Films on Demand

1. Go to the D2L content page where you want to embed your video, and click Edit HTML

2. Click on the farthest left button, "Insert Stuff"


Note that the default search is by segment, not title.  Choose "title" next to the search box if desired.


4. You can preview the videos in this same box. You can also filter or sort your results in the upper-right corner.


5. When you find the film you want, click Embed then Insert to finish.

Adding a link to a Films On Demand Video

1. Go to Films On Demand through the library's database page and authenticate if needed from off-campus.  Find the video you want; click on the Share link (right under the video), and scroll down until you see the Title URL (for the whole video) or the Segment URL (for just this segment). Copy the one you want. 

If you want the link to appear amidst other text on the page of your lesson, go to #2

If you want the link to appear as its own page (as an External Resource), go to #6.


2. Go to the D2L content page you want and click Edit HTML.

3. Click on the farthest-left button, "Insert Stuff" (NOT Insert Quicklink)

4. Click Insert Link here.

5. Paste the URL you copied in Step 1 and click Next.  You can change the Link Text if you want to display the title of the video, but there will be no box with a preview in D2L.  Click Insert to finish.

6. Go to the D2L module you want and click on New.  Choose Create a Link:

7. Type the title of the video or segment, and paste the URL you copied.  Click Create to finish.