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Archives & Special Collections

Family Histories

Memorabilia related to the history of families in Oklahoma

Albrecht, A.E. 1861-1973
(¼ linear in.)
The German born Albrecht family homesteaded on land southwest of Edmond. Their file includes family history, photographs of the family farm, and memorabilia.

Cobb, Jonas B. 1874-1968
(4 linear in.)
Included in this families records are letters, legal and financial documents, speeches, newspaper clippings, store ledgers, family bible, and memorabilia of the Cobb family. Jonas Cobb was a doctor in Colgate, Indian Territory, in the 1890s.

Cowles, C.B. 1891-1957
(1 linear ft.)
Charles Cowles is the son of Chauncey Cowles and Olga Jo Lovett all three graduates of the University of Oklahoma. Included in their family papers are letters, marriage certificates, photographs, oil portraits, and a 1926 scrapbook kept by Olga Lovett-Cowles during her association with Central State Normal College. C.B. Cowles, a Harvard Business School graduate, is the only surviving member of his family and intends to leave his sizable estate to the University.

Keim, John Brown 1902-1918
(1 ¾ linear ft.)
This collection consists of letters, legal documents, and miscellaneous commercial business files from the family of John Brown Keim, who owned and operated Keim Lumber in Enid, Oklahoma.

Hirsch, Pearl B. Diaries 1937-1972
(38 volumes)
Pearl Hirsch wrote daily entries about the events and people in her Oklahoma life. These 38 diaries give an understanding of what everyday life was like from the 1940's - 1970's.

Ingram, Rev. Job Journals
(18 items)
A Methodist, and later a Baptist minister, Ingram (1845-1930) traveled extensively in the United States. During his career he was a chaplain in the Spanish-American War, was an active speaker for the Prohibition Amendment, and delivered many sermons and speeches, the most noted being the memorial address for Governor Abraham Seays in 1915.

The journals include entries during his experience in the Spanish-American War, family histories from all the states, counties, and cities were he lived, and a scrapbook of news articles pertaining to Prohibition.

Parker, William H. Recollection's 1918-1919
(¾ linear in.)
Recollections of the World War is a 167-page diary kept by Parker during WWI and includes sketches and photographs. Parker was from Atoka, Oklahoma and compiled these memories of his experiences while stationed in Roffey, France during WWI. Parker's papers also include letters from friends and family after his return to the United States.

Rice, Earl M. 1809-1967
(5 sheets)
Dr. Earl Rice, lecturer in the UCO department of Math and Science since 1953, include birth and death records and biographical sketches of his family.

Voegelein, Fredrick Leo Diary 1944-1983 reproduction
(¾ linear in.)
In 1905 Frederick Leo Voegelein, son of Rev. Job Ingram, wrote One Year in the Life of a Homesteader. The book includes a prologue written by Frederick’s son Glen Voegelein.

Wilson, Rena and H.C. Journals 1944-1983
incomplete (38 journals)
The Wilsons lived in the Oklahoma City area from 1925-1987. Rena worked for Zales Jewelers while her husband, H.C. was an independent oil lease man. Their papers include newspaper clippings, photocopies of letters, and handwritten journals on local people and events.