Research & Learning


Information literacy is an important skill for everyone. Whether learning in-person or online, students need to know how to:

  • Find appropriate information sources for different types of needs
  • Evaluate when a source (Websites? Books? Scholarly articles? News articles?) is or is not appropriate to use
  • Critically analyze statistics and other types of sources
  • Apply that information to their scholarly pursuits and workplace endeavors
  • Cite sources in order to research ethically and enable the research conversation

We librarians are expert researchers and we are glad to help your students!

Find out more below:

Our in-person library instruction classes offer:

  • Orientation to library's collections and services
  • Demonstration and guided practice searching in resources specific to your discipline (including unusual sources such as audio, video, statistics, government documents, company information, etc.)

Have a D2L presence?

  • We can have a personalized librarian widget on your course homepage for easy student questions and followup. Just ask your instructor after your class session.

Classroom, Room 226:

For more information, contact Jennifer Flygare.

Our e-learning librarians are eager to support your students via "embedding" in D2L. Embedding can be personalized as you wish, but often it means:

  • Having a personalized librarian widget on the homepage for easy student questions
  • Having a dedicated library discussion board for easy student questions
  • Librarians highlighting relevant content, search strategies, citation help, or other useful tips for your research project, exactly when students need help.

Online tools:

All of these can be embedded directly into your D2L course. Ask us for help.

For more information, contact Jennifer Flygare.

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