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How do I locate Government Information?

  • Use the search forms on the Gov Info home page.
  • Use our Statistical Guides to browse our recommended sources.
  • Ask a staffer for help. We're open the same hours as the library, but if there's no one available at the desk, you can ask at the Reference Desk on first floor.

How do I cite Government Information?

Brief Guide to Citing Government Information from the University of Memphis

Citing Government Information using MLA from the University of Nevada, Reno

Citing Government Publications (General Guidelines) from the University of North Textas

DocsCite - a fill-in form that generates a citation in APA or MLA format

Find help for a variety of documents with examples of the different style guides:

How do I request a document?

Use this Government Document Request Form to request a document. Requests are usually fulfilled within a week, depending on the difficulty of obtaining the material. You may also contact us directly at 974-2904 with your request.

How do I read a SuDoc number?

Government Information is classified using the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) system. You can read more about SuDocs here, or just ask a staffer in the Government Information department to help you find something on the shelf. Since many documents are only a few pages, finding something on the shelf can be difficult.

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